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Our BT Vision box arrived today.

I had thought that I wouldn’t use the whole plug-it-into-the-broadband-and-connect-to-the-internet features because our TV is in the living room and the router is in the study.

But BT had already thought of that: it came with a sort of homeplug network setup, so that the ethernet connection is transmitted using the house’s power circuit.

They’re clever boffins over at BT.

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5 thoughts on “BT Vision”

  1. Same deal in Canada. Internet can come through your home wiring with a special router plugged into the mains and you’re good to go.

    I used to hear you preach a long time ago when I lived in Scotland.

  2. Mum and dad have that. They can’t get enough of it, the were showing me the rewind live tv feature. I think that was my reward for fixing the Hard drive!

    Do you have the Home Hub then? I’ve heard they are stupidly easy to break into and hijack if you know your stuff :/

  3. I’ve got an older BT router, but it seems to have done the update okay over the internet.

    Then I got an “Error C03” which appears to have something to do with the account. Dunno.

    Reboot and it’s working now, I think. At least it’s scanning for channels now.

  4. It works! After the “Error C03” message I simply reset the box (switched it off and switched it back on again) and it started to scan for channels … and it works!

    I’ve just paused live TV and looked up my name in the phone book! Amazing!

    I now need to get it working in the living room, having tested it out in the study plugged directly into the router.


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