When I was a child during my eye tests the optician always asked me: better, worse or just the same, when he was adjusting the lenses.

This afternoon’s test proved that my eyesight is still getting worse.  Although it’s not moved very far in the last four years since my last test.

I do still have terrible eyesight (about -11.5 in both eyes) and my stigmatism is getting worse: it’s shifted by about 12 degrees seemingly, since my last test.

Because my prescription is greater than -10 I get some money from the NHS towards the cost of the lenses: a whole £12.

That said, I really don’t mind paying the £330 remainder if it allows me to see.

Writing and transformation


Tomorrow, I’m preaching once again at St Mary’s, Newport-on-Tay so having had a full and busy week I’m sitting at my PC on Saturday morning/afternoon pouring over the gospel reading (John 4: 5-42) searching for inspiration.

I already have a sermon that I’ve preached on this Sunday in the lectionary (Year A, Lent 3) but I’m keen to write something else, something new. Despite feeling quite exhausted, dizzy and in need of a long and welcome sleep.

One of the threads that is woven throughout the opening chapters of the Gospel according to St John is that of transformation, starting with Jesus’s changing of water into wine. I could do with some transformation this afternoon, starting with the changing of my blank word processor document into a sermon!