Simple beauty

Spotted in SXC News newsletter from December 2007, an interview with photographer Claudia Meyer:

Who and what inspires you artistically?

As I wrote in my sxc profile:

“One very gifted child I’m working with told me once so simply:

I take pictures, to show to everyone how simple things can be beautiful, if you just look at it.

What inspires me is the world’s beauty! There is so much beauty all around the world! Seeing wonderful pictures (like on sxc for example) makes me try to do better and improve the composition of my pictures.

Citibank meets Forrest Gump

I spotted this on the Citibank website today, following a link in an email from a member of the IA Institute:

Citibank advert

I only glanced at it, as it was an animated advert.  But looking away from the screen I suddenly wondered “why do they have a photograph of Forrest Gump on their banking website?”

Of course, it wasnt Forrest Gump. He sits on the other side of the bench:

Forrest Gump


Tony Watkins and Nick Pollard discuss Joe Wright’s adaptation of ‘Atonement’ by Ian McEwan. They focus on the need for finding atonement for actions which have devastating consequences on others – and the lack of true atonement within this story. This programme includes clips from the film and interview footage.

Spotted (and watched) on Damaris Culturewatch.