Mum’s letter to the editor

Rolled up newspaper

Mum had a letter published in the Selkirk Weekend Advertiser last weekend

There are still kind people about.

A friend and I travelled into Edinburgh on ‘Blue Monday’ for a hospital appointment. Heavy rain had soaked us and the bus was cold. A kind lady directed us to the right bus stop and told us where to alight, and the kind Columbian doctor in the hospital offered me her extra cardigan for the return journey.

The bus back was warm, at least until we had to change into a cold one at Galashiels.

Arriving in Selkirk we crept down the main road. A kind lady came out in Kilncroft and tried to shovel some of the ice off the pavement, but fortunately there was a railing to hang on to. I didn’t know how I was going to cross over to Station Road. Underfoot was so slippy.

Then what made my day a young man (a hoodie) came across and offered me a stick, and using it, I was able to get home.

I should like to thank him for his kindness. As my sight was still blurry from eye drops at the hospital, I don’t think I should recognise him again, but I want to say “thank you, young man — you are a credit to your generation”.