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Email yesterday from Acronis. We’ve been checking out their TrueImage 11 software at work and are quite impressed with it, to be honest.

Hello Gareth Saunders,

Your evaluation period for Acronis True Image 11 will expire tomorrow and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for letting Acronis Inc. be your computing partner. We invite you to visit the Acronis online store at , where you can place your order for the full version of this software.  If you prefer to buy from a local reseller, you can find a list of U.S. and Canadian resellers on our Web site .

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

I have a question: will they refund my airfare to the U.S. or Canada to visit my local reseller?


Black Douglas tartan
Black Douglas tartan — the same tartan as my kilt

An English doctor is being shown around a Scottish hospital. At the end of his visit, he is shown into a ward with a number of patients who show no obvious signs of injury. He goes to examine the first patient he sees, and the man proclaims:

“Fair fa’ yer honest, sonsie face,
Great chieftain o’ the puddin’ race!”

The English doctor, somewhat taken aback, goes to the next patient, and immediately the patient launches into:

“Some hae meat and canna eat,
And some wad eat that want it.”

This continues with the next patient:

“Wee sleekit cow’rin tim’rous beastie,
O what a panic’s in thy breastie!”

“Well,” the English doctor mutters to his Scottish colleague, “I see you saved the psychiatric ward for last.”

“Oh no,” the Scottish doctor corrected him, “this is the serious Burns unit.”

Boom boom! Happy Burns Night tonight!