My new PC arrived, however …

Cube247 Scorpius ST10 PC

This afternoon my new PC arrived. The company had said that it would be here before 4:00 pm, and sure enough at 3:56 pm the delivery van pulled up outside and delivered five boxes of shiny new technology.

This evening I unpacked the boxes only to discover that I can’t connect both monitors. Here are the connectors that I have:

Monitor input

  1. VGA (D-Sub)
  2. DVI-D Single Link

Graphics card output (Asus GeForce 8800GT)

  1. DVD-I Dual Link
  2. DVD-I Dual Link
  3. HDTV-out


  1. VGA (D-Sub) to VGA (D-Sub)
  2. VGA (D-Sub) to VGA (D-Sub)


  1. VGA (D-Sub) to DVI-I (Bundled with Asus graphics card)

In other words I only have two VGA-to-VGA cables but no VGA outputs on the PC to plug them into. At most I can connect one monitor using the converter but then it won’t be a digital-to-digital connection, which I’m sure will be a faster, sexier connection.

I’ll get on the phone tomorrow to Cube 247 and try to resolve this. A simple oversight, I’m sure. You’d think that if they were selling a dual-monitor system then you’d be able to connect both monitors straight out of the box. Especially if you’re paying over a grand for it.


Friday 25 January 2008

I had a look in graphics card manual after I’d posted this last night and discovered that it reckoned that the graphics card had

  1. VGA (D-Sub)
  2. DVD-I Dual Link
  3. HDTV-out

as well as the VGA-to-DVI converter. That offers one explain why I’m one connector down: the graphics card hardware has been changed but perhaps the PC manufacturer hadn’t fully realised this.

Update #2

I called Cube247 — it was a simple omission, and a second VGA-to-DVI converter will be posted out to me today. That is after all what I’ve paid for.

I’ve also ordered myself two new Belkin Pro DVI-D to DVI-D cables so that I get a better image. (I think that’s how it works!)

Update #3

The second VGA-to-DVI converter arrived the following morning, on Saturday. Great service from Cube247.

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  1. After reading a new comment i have realised that you were officially ™ looking for a new computer for 11months! Thats testament to that fact you should never rush into anything.

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