Amazon delivery warning

Just a quick warning about ordering things from Amazon Marketplace: make sure you read the details about how they will deliver your item.

I ordered something the other day, and I assumed like many of the other products that it said:

Delivery: In stock. Dispatched from United Kingdom. International delivery available.

But I didn’t read closely enough. I just skim read it. Like when you skim read jam labels, and fail to see that it’s actually been made of bees and hay.

It actually read:

Delivery: In stock. Dispatched from United Kingdom. Irrational delivery available.

Thankfully I live in the UK, so it didn’t affect me. But be warned!

Very ignoring

It must be my evening for pedantically correcting grammar on review websites.

Another pair of earphones being reviewed here:

The sound quality is great & highly recommended for general use, but if you main us for them is at the gym, then these are not for you, the rubbery wires are very ignoring & never stay in place.

This, I presume, should read:

The sound quality is great, I highly recommend these for general use. However, if your main intention is to use them at your local gymnasium and/or health and fitness spa club while pumping iron, transforming your puny frame into that of an Adonis then I am sorry to report: these are not the earphones for you. The trouble is that the rubbery wires are very ignoring and never stay in place.

There! That’s better.

Earphone reviews

A couple of top tips if you’re ever considering writing a review about a pair of earphones on Amazon, such as this one:

Awesome sound, lots of base, you’ll here how every song was meant to sound and be listened to.

Please bear the following in mind:

  1. Low-frequency sounds are referred to as bass, not base.
  2. When you listen to a sound you hear it, not here it.

I won’t even touch on the logic of the final statement in that review sentence.

Building homes in South Africa

Do you fancy helping to build some homes in South Africa?

I got an email from United Christian Broadcasters (UCB) this morning about The Desmond Tutu Community Build.

The blurb from the site:

The Desmond Tutu Community Build – No More Shacks!

Help give children like this the opportunity for a better future. Join us and help build a better future for South Africans living in urban poverty

The challenge: to build 15 houses in just one week!

Saturday 6th to Sunday 14th September 2008, Cape Town, South Africa

Habitat for Humanity is looking for 15 teams of 12 people each to spend one-week building 15 homes that will change the lives of 15 families forever. Will you join us on the Desmond Tutu Community Build for the experience of a lifetime?

Each volunteer team will work with the chosen homepartner family, who are currently living in a shack, to build their new home in just 7 days.