Xobni – it’s inbox backwards!

I came across Xobni in a review in PC Plus magazine. It’s an add-on for Microsoft Outlook that adds some pretty cool social networking tools based entirely on your email:

  • Who do you contact most often, and who contacts you?
  • When do they email you most?
  • It automatically extracts contact information
  • It tracks connections between you and others
  • Fast and clever searching

There’s a longer demo on the site which is worth checking out.

Xobni outlook add-in for your inbox

2 thoughts on “Xobni – it’s inbox backwards!”

  1. Hi Ricky,

    as I understand it — if you sign up on the waiting list by clicking the button on my post then you will help me get access to the demo and I’ll be able to give you some invitations. Something like that, I think.


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