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Argos catalogues

Remember my Argos catalogue monitor risers? I now realise that Argos catalogues aren’t necessary the best products for everyone’s monitor rising needs.

How about a website that allows you to specify how high you want your monitor to be raised and it tells you which catalogues to use, e.g.

You want to raise your monitor by 13cm, you’ll need:

  1. One Argos catalogue (Autumn 2006)
  2. One IKEA catalogue (Summer 2007)
  3. Two Screwfix Direct catalogues (Summer 2007)

I didn’t check the measurements for that example. It was just an example.

I just need to find someone to build the site now.  I wonder if Google would be interested.

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4 thoughts on “Website idea”

  1. Google Base is just the sort of place where you’d expect to see the dimensions of catalogues stored. (Let’s not forget maximizing overlap of surface-area with the base of the monitor, too – for those of us that use an Apple iMac with its funny stand, amongst other things.)

  2. Internationalisation of the application may be a bit of a problem. Is Argos international? Are IKEA catalogues standard depths?

  3. Genius!

    I actually couldn’t stop laughing for a good few minutes.

    It’s a really good idea though, and it should also tell you in which order to put the catalogues according to biggest cover at the bottom.

  4. This is brilliant!

    how many times do we throw things away like this! large mailorder catalogues from screwfix and argos can finally be put to good use!

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