Switching off Firefox’s Quick Find

The quickfind feature in Firefox has been annoying me today: I wasn’t able to type apostrophes in my blog form, and it also affected cut-and-paste.

So I turned it off.

  1. In Firefox go to about:config
  2. Right-click and select New > Boolean
  3. Enter searchkeys.disable.all
  4. Set it to true

Jobs a good ‘un!

6 thoughts on “Switching off Firefox’s Quick Find”

  1. This is making me want to ditch FF. I did the about:config entry, but it keeps coming back. I check about:config and it is set to true. I set it to false and then back to true and it is off again until I restart the browser – then it is screwy again. (for the readers benefit, I tried to use the apostrophe twice while writing this entry - arrow keys and copy-paste dont work or the slash aaah I gotta stop typing. This is annoying the hell out of me.)

  2. edit>preferences

    under the advanced ‘general’ tab is a checked box that reads “search for text when i start typing”. un clicking that will disable quick find.

    1. This worked for me, but it was already off. I toggled it on, clicked ok, then toggled it off, and clicked ok, and it works now =)

      I wasn’t happy that I couldn’t use contractions, thanks, good sir.

  3. For me (Windows XP Professional SP3) that setting is under “Tools > Options…” rather than “Edit > Preferences”.

    (Is Edit > Preferences a Mac option?)

    I guess that feature was moved into the options/preferences in a later version than the one I documented here.

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