Not quite migrated to new PC

Well, the saga of my new office PC continues.


Yesterday I achieved the following:

  1. Connected my PC to the network (many thanks to Jon, our local, networking hero)
  2. Transferred all my backed-up data from external drive to new PC
  3. Had one of the techies come over to the office to install Microsoft Office 2003 over the network
  4. Installed most of my other software
  5. Successfully transferred my Outlook PST file over

By this point it was about 18:45, and I thought: I’ll just stay a bit longer, get the graphics card moved into my new PC, install the drivers, and that’ll be me.

I just wanted to be able to return to the office on Monday morning and get to work with my new PC in its faster, larger capacity, three-monitor goodness … a positively “techy heaven”, as Doug might say.


Sadly it didn’t feel much like techy heaven last night at 20:45 while I was still in the office struggling to get my new PC to recognise the second graphics card from my old PC.

It works perfectly in the IBM 8172-CTO but not the newer 8215-CTO.  Very bizzare.

When I boot up I get an error like this:

Error 1806: PCI Plug ‘n Play Resource Conflict

or something similar. And if I didn’t get that then it was a reboot cycle:

  1. Reboot
  2. Windows loading splash screen
  3. Blank screen
  4. Repeat

In the end I gave up around 21:00 and came home. Bah!

Unscheduled upgrade

You know when you’re sitting at your desk, of an evening, working steadily through your calendar of scheduled things-to-do and one of those things-to-do happens to be to add a new blog post to a website that you’ve been meaning for months and months to upgrade from WordPress 2.0.4 and you discover when trying to login that one of your security plug-ins (Bad Behaviour) is preventing you from logging in, and the message that it throws up actually looks more like a “Y0u’v3 b33n [email protected]!” kind of a message.

Well, I’ve just had one of those evenings.

I’ve now updated the WordPress installation to the latest version.

Moving to a new PC

My PC at work has been playing up over the last few months. Sometimes when I plug in a USB drive, for example, I get the dreaded Blue Screen of Death.   I suspect that it’s an issue with Windows rather than a fundamental hardware fault.

However, to prevent as much downtime as possible, I’ve been gifted a new PC

  • IBM/Lenovo ThinkCentre 8215-CTO
  • Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20 GHz
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 200 GB HDD
  • DVD-RW
  • Windows XP Professional SP2 (version 2002)

which I’m now running side-by-side with my current (sick) PC. I now have 4 monitors on my desk!

Tomorrow’s task will be to migrate my files over, get the new PC connected to the network, and install printers and Microsoft Office 2003.

Prepare for Metallurgy

If, like me, you’ve always wondered what a synthesis of METAL and LITURGY forged in the fires of time would sound like, well wonder no more.

The Martyrs (CA) are here to answer the until-now unanswerable. Listen to a couple of tracks at PureVolume or on iTunes.

Crafted in secret to do battle with the forces of evil and imbued with the holy light, METALLURGY is the death knell of the old order, a veritable new age of justice and life. Though the storm rages, though the darkness may threaten, the ancient light is passed on! Prepare for METALLURGY.

Does that actually mean anything? ‘Metallurgy’ is a made-up word, right?

Anyway, the music’s not bad. If you’re into short progressive songs, more-spoken-than-sung lyrics and bits of liturgy thrown in for good measure.

(Song ideas for Powerpoint, Neil?)