Get away


Some days lyrics that you know so well stand out. Get Away by Kings X.

And if you get offended by a certain word then you’ve probably missed the point completely.

Get Away (3:25)

Hey God, I watched the news tonight
why are your people so fucking mean?
Hey God, that kid was locked up for 3 years
why do the innocent suffer?
Where do you go to get away?

Hey God, they say you’re perfect and in control
and I am falling apart.
Hey God, the God of so many names
but who can I blame?
What the hell are you thinking?
Where do you go to get away?

We’re standing here counting our fears
Live in a desert there’s nothing there
Where do you go to get away?

Words and Music: Kings X, from the album ‘Ogre Tones’ (2005)

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