Extreme instability

Lightning storm over a town

Here’s a website that I go back to every now and then: Extreme Instability.

It’s not an indication of the state of my inner emotional life, it’s a website of really cool photographs of natural phenomena, such as lightning storms, aurora, fog, night skies, tornadoes, etc. Some are available as wallpapers too.

What an incredibly beautiful and powerful planet we live on. Let’s look after it a bit better in 2008.

Get away


Some days lyrics that you know so well stand out. Get Away by Kings X.

And if you get offended by a certain word then you’ve probably missed the point completely.

Get Away (3:25)

Hey God, I watched the news tonight
why are your people so fucking mean?
Hey God, that kid was locked up for 3 years
why do the innocent suffer?
Where do you go to get away?

Hey God, they say you’re perfect and in control
and I am falling apart.
Hey God, the God of so many names
but who can I blame?
What the hell are you thinking?
Where do you go to get away?

We’re standing here counting our fears
Live in a desert there’s nothing there
Where do you go to get away?

Words and Music: Kings X, from the album ‘Ogre Tones’ (2005)