Web development process

Grey cubes arranged in rows -- one yellow cube

A few months back I sent a friend of mine, Peter, was looking for a book about building websites. So I sent him my copy of HTML, XHTML, and CSS Bible by Bryan Pfaffenberger et al.

I didn’t really use it very often, relying now on the O’Reilly definitive guides for XHTML and CSS. But there was one chapter, towards the end of the book, that I did find useful, particularly in the early days. That chapter outlined the Web development process.

  1. Defining your goals
  2. Defining your audience
  3. Developing competitive and market analysis
  4. Creating a requirements analysis
  5. Designing your site’s structure
  6. Specifying content
  7. Choosing a design theme
  8. Constructing the site (coding)
  9. Marketing the site

Notice how much planning is involved, and how far down the list actual coding is.