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iPhone and iPod Touch side-by-side

On Saturday I got the chance to check out the Apple iPod Touch at my friend D’s house in Edinburgh, and I have to say that overall I was impressed.

D really wanted me to see if I could connect it to his wireless broadband connection and with no manual, or recent experience of the Apple-style OS after a couple of attempts and about ten minutes fiddling about I managed to do it. Safari was up and running and happily browsing the world wide web, and the built-in YouTube application was particularly impressive. As was the “pinch” method for zooming into page content.

One of the things that took me longest to work out — and D had to show me this — was the hardware button beneath the screen which is used to go back. I just didn’t find this intuitive, I kept looking for an onscreen option to return to the previous screen.

Compared with the Windows Mobile 6 I found the iPod Touch interface to be a much slicker and responsive experience. I’d now quite like to try the iPhone just to compare it.

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2 thoughts on “iPod Touch”

  1. I have to say that prior to getting an iPod Touch I really wasn’t all that enthusiastic about an iPhone – but once you’ve used the touch-screen interface going back to using a stylus or one of the mobile phone browsers you really notice the difference. Certainly if it wasn’t for the fact that the calendar application was so basic I’d be running the iPod Touch as my PDA rather than the Dell Axim I have currently.

  2. I saw the touch when it came out, very nice and useful but I wouldn’t go for the iPhone, way too over priced, bit too heavy and thing such as the lack of internet signal in Dundee is a bit rubbish.

    If i had a need for a slightly overpriced music player then I’d get an itouch, its good, I like the interface, the pinch zoom in/out is a real winner. I can’t remember at this exact moment but the zoom functions etc are used in another hand held device that’s out right now

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