phpBB 3.0 released

How exciting! phpBB 3.0 has just been released.

For those who don’t know, phpBB is forum software written for PHP and MySQL.

I’ve really liked phpBB 2.x, despite its security flaws, and its lack of support for modular-style modifications.

Looks like phpBB 3.0 has dealt with both of those issues; they even got an external security firm in to check its security features — I love the attention to detail.

Looking forward to installing it and checking it out; and to OpenSourceCMS installing it (they’re currently on 2.0.22).

4 thoughts on “phpBB 3.0 released”

  1. Cool!

    I’ve always wanted to host my own forum. Not real reason, just because I thought it was cool.

    I downloaded Apache last night, going to get started with php & MySQL tonight, yay!

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