PC saga … waiting for 4th replacement PC now

This is now officially getting annoying. I still haven’t managed to migrate to my new PC.A quick recap:

  1. Helpdesk call put in on 03 December, can I have a new/replacement PC please?
  2. Replacement #1: I’m told I can get Mark’s old PC (IBM 8215) but it runs Windows 2000 and the BIOS is locked and the hard drive is too small. I put in call for larger hard drive.
  3. Replacement #2: PC tech turns up with new IBM 8215 installed with Windows XP and new, larger hard drive.
  4. I install my software, migrate my data. Install second graphics card … it doesn’t work.
  5. PC tech turns up with 3 different graphics cards. One of these should work. None of them do.
  6. I try them in also in Replacement #1 (Mark’s old 8215). They don’t work in there either. So the issue is not the cards, it’s the PC.
  7. Replacement #3: PC tech turns up with replacement IBM 8172 (exactly the same as I have now), swaps hard drives and leaves with Replacement #2.
  8. But it doesn’t even recognise that there’s a hard drive installed!!

And that’s where I am now. My current PC is crashing a lot (3 reboots required this morning) and I don’t yet have a replacement that works. Quite frustrating.

UPDATE: My 4th replacement PC arrived, worked and now all is well … hoorah for the IT techies.