Washing your bike in the rain

I much prefer washing my bike in the rain. Because I’m getting wet anyway I don’t mind getting wet from sponging down the bike.

“Sponging down the bike” sounds like a line that might be used in a Mills & Boon novel.

Not that I’ve ever read one. I’ve always been too busy lubing my chain.

Conversation at Co-op

The check-out girl was dutifully scanning our purchases, when all of a sudden she stopped and stared at two vegetables on the conveyor belt.

Check-out girl: Excuse me, what are these?

Gareth and Jane (together):  Courgettes!

Check-out girl: Thanks. I recognised them, just didn’t know what they were called.

She looks at her product list.

Check-out girl: Excuse me, is this how you spell it?

She shows Gareth the product list.

Gareth: Erm, no. That’s pomegranates. It’s C-O-U-R …

Check-out girl: Oh.

She looks at her product list.

Check-out girl: Oh, here it is. It’s right at the top of the list. I couldn’t see it for looking.


She couldn’t see it because

  1. she didn’t know what it was, and
  2. couldn’t spell it.

Meat Loaf

American rock singer Michael (born Marvin) Lee Aday is probably better known to the world as Meat Loaf.

But that got me wondering: do you suppose that he had a short list of other names that he was considering, such as:

  • Brisket
  • Vegetable samosa
  • Fish cake

ZZ Top had a song called Burger Man, do you suppose that had anything to do with Meat Loaf?

Not quite migrated to new PC

Well, the saga of my new office PC continues.


Yesterday I achieved the following:

  1. Connected my PC to the network (many thanks to Jon, our local, networking hero)
  2. Transferred all my backed-up data from external drive to new PC
  3. Had one of the techies come over to the office to install Microsoft Office 2003 over the network
  4. Installed most of my other software
  5. Successfully transferred my Outlook PST file over

By this point it was about 18:45, and I thought: I’ll just stay a bit longer, get the graphics card moved into my new PC, install the drivers, and that’ll be me.

I just wanted to be able to return to the office on Monday morning and get to work with my new PC in its faster, larger capacity, three-monitor goodness … a positively “techy heaven”, as Doug might say.


Sadly it didn’t feel much like techy heaven last night at 20:45 while I was still in the office struggling to get my new PC to recognise the second graphics card from my old PC.

It works perfectly in the IBM 8172-CTO but not the newer 8215-CTO.  Very bizzare.

When I boot up I get an error like this:

Error 1806: PCI Plug ‘n Play Resource Conflict

or something similar. And if I didn’t get that then it was a reboot cycle:

  1. Reboot
  2. Windows loading splash screen
  3. Blank screen
  4. Repeat

In the end I gave up around 21:00 and came home. Bah!