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UPDATE: I’ve just created a step-by-step guide on how to install Anapod Explorer Universal Edition version 9.0.3. I hope that’s helpful to some folks.

ORIGINAL POST: Jane has an Apple iPod — it’s a fifth generation 30GB Video iPod — and while it’s all lovely and usable in its all-black designer chic look we have one major criticism of it: if you want to transfer files to and from it you have to use iTunes.

It’s not just that I don’t like iTunes; I object to being forced to use a particular piece of software to do something as simple as transfer a file from a PC to a peripheral.

Most other mainstream MP3 players let you drag-and-drop from Explorer so why doesn’t the iPod?!

Anapod Explorer

After a little detective work I discovered Anapod Explorer from Red Chair Software:

Anapod is the most advanced Windows iPod software available, offering iPod management through full Windows Explorer integration under My Computer

  • easy drag and drop iPod copy
  • iPod transfer and iPod backup
  • PDA function support
  • photo and video transfer
  • web page interface access to your iPod through a built-in web server
  • powerful search and reporting capabilities using a built-in SQL database

and much more, all in one compact package.

A great backup tool or iTunes alternative.

It sounded perfect, so I bought a copy and tried to install it.

Installer Expired

I double-clicked the installation file for version 9.0.3 (anapod_903_un.exe) and was presented with this rather disappointing error message:

Installer expired

The text reads:

This installer file has expired. Please return to our website at to download the latest release.

If you are sure this is the latest release available, please contact us at for assistance and give the following install code: JTJSBYHTAZIRBRHQAS

Well, I was sure that this was the latest release available. So I emailed Red Chair Software for assistance.

I then did a Google search and discovered that it was unlikely that I’d ever get a reply from Red Chair Software. Disappointing.

Installation work-around

However, I did discover that there is a work-around, but for that I’d have to visit the Expired Installer Assistance page (which strangely doesn’t seem to appear anywhere on the Red Chair Software support pages).

Expired Installer Assistance

This page told me that the problem was that the date was not set correctly on my computer. It told me that (foolishly) the date on my computer was set to “November 2007”.

“IT IS NOVEMBER 2007!” I shouted at the computer, in exasperation. Then I noticed the date at the top of the Red Chair Software page: November 15, 2007. “EVEN YOU AGREE THAT IT’S NOVEMBER 2007!” I screamed again.

I read the instructions.

  1. Correct the date/time on your computer.
  2. Double-click the installer file to run it again, but this time, hold down the SHIFT key while double-clicking.
  3. This will display a dialog box where you need to enter the following code: 082808363640364448

The installer will then continue as normal.

So I started to play around with the date and see which month it thought we were currently in. The website thought it was November, my PC thought it was November … the installer seemed to think that we were in August!

Finally installed

I got it to work by rolling the current date back exactly three months to 15 August 2007. With shift pressed I double-clicked the installation file, entered the 18-digit numeric code and Anapod at last began to install.

What a faff … which is a real shame because the application is great. We managed to manually update Jane’s iPod by dragging and dropping MP3 files to it via Windows Explorer. The way it should be.

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42 thoughts on “Anapod – transfer files to your iPod via Explorer”

  1. I was sure you could get Anapod for free somewhere.
    A guy from PC World told me about at some point.
    Thats one of the few reasons I’m leaving VIsta on my laptop – to update my ipod!

  2. THANK YOU for the detective work & work-around~ You must have heard me screaming about the date issue. 3 months back to the day, worked for me as well.

  3. Thanks Gareth for posting this. My copy does exactly the same thing so I’ll try rolling the date back.

    Their e-mail support absolutely sucks. They’re not going to be around long with the comments they’re getting on the Net. Which is a shame as the previous version I had was pretty good.

  4. Thank you for the advice. I was about to insert my hand into the laptop and physically rip Anapod out by the short and curley’s.

    I followed your advice, rolled back the date three months, held the shuft down and get the code field. I entered the code and it was returned the following message:

    “The code you entered is not correct. Please copy and paste the code emailed to you by Red Chair Support”

    Not being the best typest in the world, I assumed that it was a finger problem on my part so I set about to enter it again, and again, and again, and……….

    Any suggestions? I’ve learned that I won’t get help from RC Support.


  5. BLESS YOUR POINTY HEAD! After 23 emails to and incident reports to Anapod… NO ANSWER! I was pulling my hair out, but your fix for the “Installer” issue worked. I love you!

  6. Thank you so much for this. I tried using the August 15th date and it worked perfectly!! Red Chair would do well to link to your execellent instructions. Happy Holidays!!

  7. I tried nov 15 2007, nov 23rd and 24th 2007, and just about every other month…I dont know what I’m doing wrong….would someone be so nice as to give me a step my step of how they did it???

    thx. I really want to get this working…I love the software, hate the company.

  8. Thanx man..i was short of punching my computer.. those red chair dude sure know how to freak you out..i’m from the philippines and i bought the software but to my dismay it says the installer is’s more expensive here due to the currency difference..thanx..your advice worked..

  9. I’ve just created a step-by-step guide on how to install Anapod Explorer Universal Edition version 9.0.3. I hope that’s helpful to some folks.

    You’ll have to follow each of the instructions for yourselves and get your own installation codes, I suspect.

    Hope it works for you.

  10. Your instructions worked great. No problems at all!! I’ve had the BBB working with Red Gate and its been two weeks. I’ve tried their phone many times but the mailbox is always full. Thank you so much for solving this!!

  11. Thanks very much for the instructions, Gareth! 5 August did the trick!

    I’ve been using Anapod for close to four years now and, up until now, I’ve had nothing but praise for the product and their support. A couple years ago, I accidentally drowned my first iPod, sent them an e-mail with the serial number of my new iPod and received an e-mail back within a day expressing their condolences for my loss and notifying me that the new iPod’s serial number had been added to their database and I was good to go.

    However, this date bug is pretty sketchy and they seem to be ignoring my e-mails. As one poster above stated, they’d do well to link to Gareth’s workaround.


  12. Dear Gareth –

    Thanks for figuring this out. Yes, I got the ‘the code you entered is not correct’ message; had to past the code received from the ‘Installer Expired’ page. Mine [082808443636244420] is different than the one listed in the stream above, so maybe each is unique.

    I also used the 5 July date, which worked. Running fine now.

    Our PC runs Windows ME, so we can’t use iTunes. My wife & I gave each other iPods last year for Christmas, but I only found Anapod a few weeks ago to get them running via the trial version. My wife is actually traveling to see her very ill grandfather tomorrow & wanted to put baby pictures on her iPod, which the trial doesn’t do, but now we can.

    Thanks again!!!

  13. Thanks so much! August 15 worked great! (eastern time zone). You saved me millions of brain cells as I was going mad! Their “support”was really an endless blackhole loop! Too bad it’s an excellent application and I’ve had it for 3 years with no problems prior to this.

  14. I am having the same problem as Carlie….I have tried so many different dates and it’s still not working….I either get the “Installer Expired” message, or the “Your date and time are incorrect” message, depending on what date I try to use. Does anyone have any more suggestions?? I was so excited to find this site, but now I’m just deflated. 🙁 I am glad that it works for others though!

  15. hey andrea..I finally got it working I dlded the setup file from red chair on the day I posted..and tried every date in the book..still no luck..then I remebered I had an older setup file (same version) that I dlded back in oct..dont know why that one worked and the one I dlded from their site the day I posted didnt..maybe they modified the file or something…anyway..heres a link to the file that worked for me..let me know how u make out!

    as a safety measure, few sites let u upload exe files directly…so I zipped it up….extract/unzip it and have fun…hope it works for u

  16. Hey Carlie and Andrea,

    what you have to be aware of, however, is that there is more than one edition of Anapod, e.g. Universal Edition, Shuffle Edition, Nano Edition, etc.

    So you have to make sure that you have downloaded the same edition, otherwise I suspect your registration code won’t work.

  17. thanks for pointing that out Gareth, I forgot that….

    Andrea, I have the regular ipod edition, not the shuulfe, nano, or mini edition, and not the universal edition, so if u have one of those, you will have to have someone else upload it 4 u-sry!!

    Note: I just went to the red chair site, and they just released anapod 9.0.4 on dec 4, so the 9.0.3 installer file wont work for long anyway, maybe if u dl 9.0.4, this whole issue will be solved!!! try it.

  18. I know its annoying when your legal copy expires. However in my case I got rid of this problem in the following ways:
    1) Use ‘ Notmad Explorer Key generator.
    2) double click on above mentioned key generator and patch it with
    ‘Anapod_903_un’ file.
    3) A new file will be created e.g ‘Anapod_903_un__NoExpire_Patched’
    4) Use this as your installer file. All done. Enjoy your Anapod forever !

    In case any difficulty getting  the key generator use the below link
    to get everything you want.
  19. Having to hack the legally purchased software does not feel right! What kind of lowlife scum are those red chair ******** guys, they have this broken install up for almost a year now…

    (Sorry John, I’ve censored your post as I’ve had legal action threatened for similar comments before, not from Red Chair, from ******* 😉 — Gareth)

  20. I installed version 9.04 on my laptop the other day and it appears to be working fine … except that I had to uninstall my video editing software first as it was interfering with that. Very odd.

    Anyway, the 9.04 universal edition does not seem to have a problem with the same expiry problem. Time to upgrade, I think folks.

  21. Hi THere

    I wanted to deinstall Anapod but the Anapod Explorer symbol is still under “My Computer” and can’t be erased by the delete function

    does anyone know how to solve that problem?


  22. Thanks for the Anapod installation work around. Your steps worked perfectly. I set the date back 3 months exactly and followed your steps with success. Can’t understand what the heck is going on at Anapod where they keep releasing new updates (currently on 9.0.5) with faulty installers. Surely they are getting the message!

    Thanks again for the clearly explained workaround!

  23. @Paddy
    Hey! hey! hey! … thx a lot Paddy …. tht really really helped me out …. I couldn’t get the keygen to patch the file but the patched one was already there …….. WOOOOOWIEEE!!! …
    music to the ears at last …….. literally!! 🙂

  24. I’ve been a customer of RedChair for about six years – I bought their Notmad Explorer suite for use with a Nomad Jukebox back in 2002.

    Pre-2007, they were a great company – frequent software updates, quick responses to customer support email. However, I’ve been having trouble with Anapod Explorer for over a month, and now I can’t even get a response from them – or even an acknowledgment that they’re receiving my messages.

    Bottom line: AVOID. This company has tanked. Very sad.

    The problem I’m having with Anapod is simple: under 64-bit Vista, Anapod can’t find its own Anapod Explorer interface. I can install the software fine, connect to my iPod, and even run Anapod Xstreamer without any problems. But when I try to open an Anapod Explorer interface, I get this message:

    “This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Set Associations control panel.”

    The problem, apparently, is that Anapod doesn’t properly install the Explorer extension for interfacing with an iPod in Vista x64. It’s just plain broken. Interesting, then, that RedChair’s page indicates that Anapod Explorer supports and works fine on Vista.

    I’m in the process of dumping my patronage of the company permanently and finding a different solution. This sucks.

    – David Stein

  25. David – From Redchairs site..worked for me

    After closing Anapod Explorer, cannot open new Explorer windows.
    Detail: After closing Anapod, no further Explorer windows of any type can be opened by any means.
    Evaluation: A small number of systems appear to have a conflict with one of Anapod’s performance options.
    Fix/Workaround: Select “Folder Options…” from Windows Explorer’s “Tools” menu. On the “View” tab, disable the “Launch folder windows in a separate process” option, reboot, and everything should be fine.

  26. I was having the same problem as David but Tony’s suggestion worked… however… It still is not letting me add songs to my ipod like it used to. I’m using vista 64 but it does the same on my laptop with vista 32. It’s got a little circle with a line through it (basically the “you can’t do that” symbol)

    Any ideas what is causing it to not let me add music to it?? I can try on my XP machine but that would require dragging music over my network which will take a while. I’d much rather like to add it locally. I’m still waiting for redchair to get back with me and in all fairness to them, earlier this year, they were very quick to get back to me regarding the incorrect time error during the install. Anapod 906 seems to have fixed this problem.

  27. Hi, Is anyone having trouble to display album art? How do I access this option and get it to display the album art? My anapod does not 🙁

  28. To get Anapod to “work” in Vista64, do
    “After closing Anapod Explorer, cannot open new Explorer windows.
    Detail: After closing Anapod, no further Explorer windows of any type can be opened by any means.
    Evaluation: A small number of systems appear to have a conflict with one of Anapod’s performance options.
    Fix/Workaround: Select “Folder Options…” from Windows Explorer’s “Tools” menu. On the “View” tab, disable the “Launch folder windows in a separate process” option, reboot, and everything should be fine. ”

    and then use the Right Click menu’s Sent To -> Windows Ipod option to transfer multiple songs. Drag and Drop is still broken.

  29. You may try this ipod transfer, it can help you copy songs, videos, movie, photos, playlists, podcasts from iPod to computer iTunes. It supports all series of iPod including iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle, even the iPad, iPhone. it’s safe and works pretty well for me. Moreover, it will keep the songs play information – rating, playcount, name, artist, playlist, etc. No other iPod transfer can do that
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