St Mary’s College quad in panorama

Panoramic photo of St Mary's College quadrangle, St Andrews
Click the photograph for a larger view

When the sun rose this morning, shortly after 07:00 I realised that it was a beautiful day outside: the perfect day to take a panoramic photograph of St Mary College’s quadrangle in St Andrews.

When I stepped out of the door it began to rain. And rain. And rain some more.

The drive to St Andrews was beautiful. The countryside was swathed in golden sunlight, dark brooding clouds in the distance, and a double rainbow sitting like a gate in between.

By the time I reached St Mary’s College quad the rain had subsided. I set up my tripod (check me out with my leet photography skills!) and took a few photos. It was shortly after 08:00, there was hardly anyone around.

I used the trial version of Panorama Composer 3 to stitch the photos together. It’s not quite perfect, but with a little tweaking in Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI it may be good enough for a website.