Brian May guitars – spot the difference

Brian May's Red Special
Brian May‘s original Red Special

Ace Pro AE106
Ace Pro AE106 “Brian May Style Electric Guitar”

Ace AE106

I spotted the Ace Pro AE106 while flicking through a guitar magazine the other week. It caught my eye. “Ooh! a Brian May guitar,” I thought.

I had a closer look. It wasn’t. It was the Ace Pro AE106, which claimed to be a “Brian May Style Electric Guitar”.

By “Brian May Style” I guess they mean that it’s roughly the right colour, has three Burns tri-sonic-looking pickups, a black scratchplate and … er, that’s about it.

Here’s the full run-down of features:

  • Chrome Hardware
  • Diecast Tuners
  • Two Way Truss Rod
  • Hard Maple Neck
  • Rosewood 25-1/2
  • Set Neck
  • Basswood Body
  • Modern 3S, 1V, 1T, 5way
  • Fulcrum2 Tremolo
  • Contoured body Arm lays

You can buy the AE106 at The Music King for only £99. I really want to know what it sounds like now.

Brian May Guitars

You can buy a real Brian May style guitar via Brian May Guitars for around £500.

It’s features are:

  • Mahogany body (with acoustic chamber) with Pinstripe binding
  • New two-piece scratch plate
  • Mahogany neck
  • 24″ scale (Depth: 22mm at 1st fret … 24mm at 12th fret)
  • 24 fret – ebony fingerboard (width 45mm at 0 fret … 57mm at 24th fret)
  • Grover GH305 locking tuners
  • Dual truss rod
  • Graphite nut
  • New bridge & Brass saddles
  • BM Custom tremolo arm
  • 3 x Burns Tri-Sonic pickups (series wired)
  • Master Volume & Tone controls
  • Original BM switching system
  • Individual pickup IN/OUT phase plus Individual pickup ON/OFF

I know which I’d prefer … oh, I forgot! I already have one.

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Gareth Saunders

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8 thoughts on “Brian May guitars – spot the difference”

  1. Actually, I quite like the look of that one. I much prefer guitars with symmetrical horns, like the Gibson SG and various Yamaha variants. shame the headstock isn’t pointy like the original red special.

  2. Hi! I think it’s pretty kik ass! esp. for the price… if only i could hear it..??? wait a mihnute I’ll try youtube 🙂 cool!

  3. You cannot buy a playable electric guitar for £100. Maybe £200… maybe. Lots of things have to be good to make them play well and sound well… Good Hardwoods, decent neck and fretboard, good pickups and quality electrics. Anyway… it’s Chinese. Dung.

  4. Hy hello!!!!
    i had a Acepro guitar and i like it and how it looks,
    i don’t know what to write so see you
    and i think that Acepro is cool!!!!

  5. With regard to the previous comment, I recently bought a Vanson V-12 Stratocaster on ebay for way less than £200.00 and it’s amazing. Full Wilkinson hardware, ie. machines, pickups, tremolo… not sure how they do it but it sounds better than my USA Strat, only bought for a back-up and now it’s my main guitar…. go figure!

  6. some cheap guitars are good, i started on with a yamaha i played it for over a year, but only certain makes do good budget guitars, i doubt this would be good though, its probably a ploy or gimmick, being designed close to a brian may guitar just to make sales or something. i wouldnt be tricked just by the way it looks

  7. Matt, can you tell us more about your Vanson Strat?
    with one humbucker I suppose,
    it has a double locking tremolo?
    despite its good sound, how you feel it compered with your US Strat?


  8. Maybe if Brian May joined the Ramones it would be a perfect crossover instrument. If those are tri-sonics it would make it all worth it. £99 for three trisonics and a useless body? You could make the body into a P90 equiped SG or something and sell the trisonics. My guess is that they are cheapo strat style pickups in silver cases though….

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