Lounge music interpretation of Cannibal Corpse song “Rancid amputation”

Now, I have to admit that I don’t list Cannibal Corpse amongst my favourite bands, but this video is utter genius.

WARNING: Don’t watch/listen to it if you are easily offended.

Cannibal Corpse’s last album “Kill” has one of the most tame titles, or indeed covers, of any of their albums in their 17 year career. Who can forget their debut album “Eaten Back To Life” (1990), which was followed up with “Butchered at Birth” (1991) and “Tomb of the Mutilated” (1992).

You’ve probably gathered already that you’ll never see them coaching any of the contestants on ITV’s X-Factor!

Too graphic

Sure, I’m into my extreme metal, but I just don’t ‘get’ Cannibal Corpse. While the music’s great, the lyrics and artwork are all a bit too graphic and violent for my liking.

Which is why I think this video from YouTube: Cannibal Corpse Lounge Music is absolute genius.

By removing the lyrics from the original, violent and heavy music, and putting them to piano/double bass lounge music it highlights just how ridiculous it is that this band is constantly victimized by the authorities.

It’s not real

Seriously, who can really take them seriously with lyrics like this. It’s not real. As confirmed in an interview with Cannibal Corpse vocalist Corpsegrinder (real name George Fisher) in the rockumentary Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey:

It’s art, just look at it as art. Yeah, it’s disgusting … but go to the Vatican and look at some of the art there. That’s real, that’s representing something that’s real, that could happen.

This [artwork], you know, that’s never going to happen … monsters aren’t going to rip out of people’s bodies anytime soon.

I’ve not laughed so much since … well, since watching Look Around You 2 on DVD last night (Thanks for that Pip!)

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