Memory banks

You never hear people talking about “memory banks” now, when referring to their computer’s random access memory storage capabilities.

It’s always “RAM” this, or “SDRAM” that. Never “memory banks”.

I think using the word “memory banks” makes your computer seem much larger than life and more mysterious than something like “Single In-line Memory Module”.

As a challenge, I’d like you to use the phrase “memory banks” all of next week when referring to your computer.

Gareth’s Prediction #1

Some people seem to think that because I work in the broad area of computers that that means I somehow have the technologically prophetic talents of a Tomorrow’s World presenter.

I don’t.

But it doesn’t stop them asking me, “Gareth, what’s the next big thing going to be?”

So, I’ve had a bit of a think and over the next wee while I’ll share my thoughts with you with a new feature called Gareth’s Predictions.

Gareth’s Prediction #1

One day there will be television sets thin enough that you can hang them on a wall!

(Actually, that’s my dad’s prediction from about 1981.)

Planned vs actual

Planned morning:

  • 09:00 Email
  • 09:30 Expenses
  • 10:00 Divinity design
  • 12:30 Lunch

Actual morning:

  • 09:00 Email
  • 09:30 Expenses
  • 09:45 Begin to write information page for Content Management Tool (CMT)
  • 10:00 Helpdesk calls – create new webpage for expenses cut-off dates
  • 10:40 Respond to call about CMT at HR
  • 11:30 Finish “cut-off dates” page
  • 11:50 Finish information page for CMT
  • 13:10 Lunch