Loyalty card theft

You hear a lot in the newspapers about folks stealing credit cards and going on wild spending sprees, clocking up debts of thousands upon thousands of pounds.

You don’t hear that much about folks who steal loyalty cards, and then going on a massive shopping binge, crediting thousands upon thousands of points to your Boots Advantage card or Tesco Clubcard!

I’m sure that’s the sort of thing that Robin Hood would do, if he were around today.

Awful vicar

My friend The Revd Simon ‘Yellow’ Stevens is a lovely man. He’s a lovely, Godly man.

However, if you type the words

awful vicar

or even, the more specific

“awful vicar”

into Google UK, the first link offered is for Simon’s blog. Simon, if you’re reading this, I don’t think you’re an awful vicar.

Aw, no! I’ve just realised … now this is going to be the first link for “awful vicar”!

All Hallows Eve

Good blog post by Duncan McLaren about What’s right with Halloween.

Last night I got home in the dark from a cycle. I was just unlocking the shed when a small group of ghouls and ghosts appeared at the back gate.

“Trick or treat!” they exclaimed in unison.

“Seriously,” I said, “do I look like I’ve got anything apart from my bike?”

They reluctantly agreed.  I guessed that it would be “trick” time, then. But they didn’t hold up their side of the contract.

“Are you having good fun?” I asked.

“Look how many sweeties I’ve got” said one ghirl (that’s a girl ghoul), holding up a carrier bag as they wandered away.

I think I got away lightly. Little did they know, but I had a half-eaten bag of out-of-date, dry roasted peanuts in my pannier.

Nearly done…

This morning our content management system/tool (TERMINALFOUR SiteManager) was updated to the latest version (5.3.0015).

So I’ve been focusing on finishing the design update for the library’s online catalogue search tool. It was supposed to go live in mid-August, after it was updated from WebOPAC to WebPAC Pro.

All they wanted was to widen the search pages a little and make the results pages 100% width. I managed to do that in fifteen minutes.

However, the software update to WebPAC Pro broke much of the design, and introduced a whole load of code that wasn’t there in the earlier version. There were tears!

It’s nearly done. (I hope.)