Synchronizing PDAs

I do wish that Microsoft ActiveSync (released in 2006) synchronized my O2 Xda Orbit (Windows Mobile 6) with Outlook 2003 as quickly as Psion PsiWin 2.3.3 (released in 2001) synchronizes Outlook with my Psion Series 5mx, or Psion Series 7.

I can sync my Psion with Outlook from scratch in about 5 minutes, a simple update of a couple of dates and ActiveSync has taken 20 minutes so far …

Has it ActiveSunk?

St Andrews researcher finds a new planet

Spotted on the BBC News website:

Three new planets are found by a team of astronomers including a professor from St Andrews University.

Of course, that should say “University of St Andrews”, but we’ll let that one pass for now.

Amazing! They can find new planets but Steve still can’t find his model plane and I’ve lost my scalpel.

My morning

My plan for this morning was to leap headlong into finishing a project I’m working on for the Library.

Instead, I’ve spent nearly two hours dealing with emails and helpdesk support calls.

All while waiting for a couple of guys from RightNow Technologies to come up from London (or thereabouts) for an FAQ software demo.

I wonder if one of their FAQs is “What does FAQ stand for?”