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It’s nice to see Cube247 finally have a new website, and it’s looking great.

More than a few months back they relaunched their site only to discover there were problems with it and it was promptly downgraded to a very simple and static brochure-ware site.

The new design looks great, and I love the customization facility for each PC package. That’s definitely something that I look for when buying a new PC: the ability to customize it to my needs/whims, rather than simply buying an off-the-shelf product.

I particularly like the look of the Taurus ST10 with its ‘basic’ setup of:

  • Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium
  • Intel Core 4 Quad Q6600 Processor
  • 8192MB Corsair DDR II 667 Memory
  • 1500GB SATA II Seagate Storage – RAID Stripe
  • NEC 7170 Multi Format DVD/CD ReWriter
  • ATI Radeon 1024MB PCI Express Quad Monitor Graphics
  • 7.1 HD Surround Sound
  • Intel Core 2 Duo Deluxe Motherboard
  • Sony Floppy Disk Drive
  • DVD/CD ROM Drive
  • 3 x 19″ TFT 8MS Flat Panel Screens
  • Microsoft Wireless Multimedia Keyboard
  • Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse
  • Creative Inspire 6100 5.1 Speaker System
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet LAN
  • 12 x USB2 Ports
  • Firewire

I’m most impressed that while it comes by default with Windows Vista Home Premium, for £30 extra you can upgrade it to Windows XP:

Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2

Now that’s the kind of upgrade options that I like.

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5 thoughts on “Cube247 have a new website”

  1. The machine truly is drool worthy, but the only problem is, would the local minister for war and finance permit the purchase of such a machine?

    I’ll leave my thoughts of your subtle jabs at my precious vista for another day..

  2. 12 USB ports? and I thought I had over kill when I have a max of 6 used.

    mind you, £1480, for all that, not too shabby if you get XP pre installed to be honest.

    aww look, it still has a floopy disk drive! But keeping with the top of the range kit out, its a Sony drive!

  3. I have this machine and the power it has is good. But i would say that you should upgrage to the sound card as the built in one has crap ports. I upgraded to 3×19″widescreens. the make is hannspree. and the model is new york. I have had the machine since the 2nd november 2007 and i’m having major problems with vista. The machine constantly restarts itself and when i disabled the auto restart function i began getting blue screens. i trust that cube will be sorting this out in the near future because as it is it’s no good for either video editing nor 3d animation.

  4. Hi, it’s a bit offtopic but may I ask you where did you get this blog template? I’m going to start bloggin as well, I’m a bit noob though but I really like it 😉 Let me know…

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