Steve Lawson in the living room

Steve Lawson playing bass guitar in our living room

Steve Lawson‘s gig in our living room last night was a roaring success.

While only six people turned up, it didn’t detract from the enjoyment of a relaxed evening in the company of friends, with plenty of good wine, fine chocolates, beautiful music and much laughter.

I videoed the entire gig, including Steve’s Q&A at the end, which will no doubt creep onto YouTube in due course.

In the meantime, here’s one video from the gig last night, which I recorded on my Fuji FinePix S5600. This is a video of Steve playing his track called “Scott Peck” from Behind Every Word (2007).

And then, all too soon, Steve had to drive home. (To Steve: it was truly wonderful to see you again, lovely man!)

Shortly after he left I discovered that he’d left his scarf here. Maybe I should auction it on eBay for charity: “Rock star’s Dr Who-style scarf”. Steve would, obviously, have the opportunity to bid for it himself, if it means anything to him!

See more photos of the gig at Flickr: Steve Lawson house concert

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4 thoughts on “Steve Lawson in the living room”

  1. Not the pink, maroon and white one scarf????!!! I might have to bid on that myself….too bad he didn’t leave the pink coat too…I might have been able to reclaim some of my clothing!! 😉 Hope to see you both very soon…I was sad that I couldn’t be there to make the audience lucky 7. Hope all is well.


  2. I’ll have that scarf! its a nice one.

    Thats a quailty photo at the top of the post Gareth, what effect did you use? I’ll watch the video (using Firefox!) at home after work.

  3. I used Paint Shop Pro Photo XI to select the background (the dining room and kitchen areas) and then used Adjust > Blur > Blur more…

    I then used the High Pass Sharpen effect. I think it makes Steve look a bit like a toy because of that effect.

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