Peep Show

Peep Show

How did I completely miss Mitchell and Webb’s Peep Show when it was on the electric television?!

It was my cousin Zack who emailed me a few months ago from the United States of Americans and recommended it. “Why is British comedy so much better than American?” he said. Or something like that. He uses all lowercase letters though.

So I added the first 3 series to my Amazon DVD Rental list and waited. And waited.

And eventually when Mr and Mrs Amazon seemed fit to pass a postbox (3 weeks after I sent the last one home) the series 1 DVD dropped through my letterbox this morning. (It literally did, that wasn’t a euphemism or anything.)

And Zack was right: it’s hilarious. How did I miss it when it was being broadcast for the first time on the public airwaves?

(It a bit rude in places though. Just like real life, I guess.)

By the way, a tip for you: if you are going to search Google Images for “Peep Show” I suggest you use a few additional keywords. Like “mitchell”, “web”, “channel 4” … or just anything!

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  1. I too have somehow managed to completely miss Peep Show. And, likewise, it is on my DVD-rental-by-post selection. Hasn’t arrived yet.

    I first discovered Mitchell & Webb on their ‘That Mitchell and Webb Sound’ radio show. Absolutely hilarious. The TV version (‘That Mitchell and Webb Look’) was good too, but the radio version (out now on BBC CD) was just one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. Ever. I made the mistake of listening to it on headphones on a bus one morning… I kind of lost the ability to breathe whilst attempting (unsucessfully) to suppress laughter listening to the original ‘Numberwang’ sketch. Luckily the bus was fairly empty, but I got some weird looks…

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