Operation Check Every CD Case™

Yesterday evening I decided that I should like to listen to the soothing tones of Halford:

Halford CD

Just to clarify, I do not mean Halfords (with an ‘s’), high street purveyor of car accessories, components and bicycles (at the Bike Hut).


As an aside, I do not believe that Bike Hut will become as popular as Pizza Hut until Halfords offer a bicycle with a frame that is filled with melted cheese.

Back to the adventure … What I meant was Halford (with no ‘s’), the band named after non-hirsute and vaulting tenor Rob Halford, who first rose to fame in the heavy metal band Judas Priest.

However, when I opened the CD box … it was EMPTY!

empty Halford CD case

“Hmmm,” I thought to myself.

The last time I remember listening to this compact disc was in the portable compact disc player in my portable motor car machine.


But alas! it was not there. (The CD, I mean, the car was there. On the drive. Parked. Where it should have been.)

I knew then that I must begin Operation Check Every CD Case™. Again. I have to do this about every two months, or so.

Unfortunately, I have quite a few CDs in my CD bookcase:

Bookcase of CDs

Knowing that the hardest part is just deciding where to start looking, I just started looking at head-height. On the fourth shelf down.

Start here

When I got to the third but last shelf:


I made a discovery in a Joe Satriani CD case:

Joe Satriani CD

What’s that doing there?! It’s a Tomahawk CD in the wrong case:

Tomahawk CD in Joe Satriani case

I was elated. But not delighted. I had still not found my Halford CD.

Reaching the bottom of the bookcase, I resumed my search at the very top. Working my way from left to right, checking CD after CD.

And then, only inches from where I began my search I made my discovery:

Arrow at top of bookcase

Nestled within a CD case filed under ‘B’ for Black Hawk Down:

Arrow on Black Hawk Down CD

I found my Halford CD! Hoorah! The Lord be praised! Now my Halford CD case is once more filled with pounding metal. All is well.

Halford CD in case

It’s true what they say: seek and you will find! What marvellous advice.

Now … where are my car keys? I need to get to work.