FontLab SigMaker 3

SigMaker 3 by FontLab

I love typography, fonts and all that jazz. In my time I’ve created a couple of rather pathetic-looking handwriting fonts, and compiled a couple of fonts for use with mahjong documents, but I’d love to create a good, professional-looking font. Maybe one day.

I’ve tried a few font creation applications including:

I currently have FontLab 4.6 and Font Creator Program 3 installed.

In the meantime FontLab SigMaker 3 looks quite useful for quickly creating customized fontlets (single-glyph fonts) in six simple steps.

This application allows you to turn any digital image, e.g. a scanned signature, corporate logo, or photograph (scanned or digital) into a font that can be used in any of your computer applications, e.g. word processor, DTP or graphics application.

You can download a demo (Win, 1.9 MB or Mac, 2.8 MB) or download the video tutorial (QuickTime, 6.9 MB).