David Cameron standing in front of the Reichstag in Berlin

While I’m not a supporter of the UK Conservative Party I am very impressed with their leader David Cameron’s blog:

Not only is it a great pun on ‘webcam‘, it is, as far as I am concerned, the most accessible and personal website of any of the major political parties in the UK.

This is a perfect example of the power of the Web to connect with people.


The site contains regular video blog updates from David Cameron as he is out and about. Recent video blog postings have included:

  • Meeting Angela Merkel in Berlin
  • Launching National Citizen’s Service
  • The unveiling of the Mandela statue
  • Making sure we succeed in Afghanistan

You get a good insight into what the leader of a major political party does, and what he believes, what for him are the important issues. I’d love for the other political leaders to do something similar.


As well as the broadcast media, visitors have the option to register on the forums and discuss issues that are important to them. It would appear that David Cameron himself replies to some of these questions; and given all the furore over recent television shenanigans about fixed phone-ins, I guess these replies really must be from him.


The site is very well put together, it has a clean modern design and very easy to navigate.

I only really have two criticisms about the site:

  1. No link to The Conservative Party website
    I can’t find a link to The Conservative Party website anywhere on the site. Anywhere. At all. That’s not a good advert!

  2. Click here?
    On the First visit page there are a couple of badly placed links. One says “To register as a new user, click here.” Links are often the first thing people spot, so you need to give them keywords, give them actions, give them what they want. That sentence would have been much better as: “Register as a new user.

I’m not sure, however, that I’ve got enough webspace to list my criticisms of The Conservative Party! I remember the 80s!

Other political parties are available

Full list on Wikipedia

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