Firefox 3: It’s not going to format your hard drive or anything

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There’s an interview with Tristan Nitot, the president of Mozilla Europe, on the PC Pro News website today.

When asked when we are likely to see the beta of Firefox 3 Tristan Nitot replied

Beta shouldn’t be too long, probably by the end of the year. We want it to be stable, usable. It will be, it’s not going to format your hard drive or anything.

And here was me hoping that that would be a feature.


Which got me thinking: what would be the worst built-in or add-on features that you could think of for Firefox? Your thoughts in the comments below …

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7 thoughts on “Firefox 3: It’s not going to format your hard drive or anything”

  1. I think the IE Tab add-on does that already. 🙂

    IE Tab – an extension from Taiwan, features: Embedding Internet Explorer in tabs of Mozilla/Firefox…

    I don’t use it, I use IE View which opens your current page in a new instance of Internet Explorer. I found that IE Tab was conflicting with another add-on that I was using.

  2. Firefox 3, `hax0r botnet edition’ or implemented via plugin with dodgy aspirations at a slow trickle of offensive outgoing packets so you don’t actually notice…

    Actually, that’s a thought. Has anyone implemented something like SETI or whatever, as a firefox plugin? I mean, the thing hogs enough RAM, swap and CPU (ha! the lightweight browser!), why not at least have an excuse to blame it for bringing my machines crashing to their knees completely? 😉

  3. Haha!

    I have to say that I find Safari for Windows does the same — it’s supposedly faster than Firefox, but I find it incredibly slow loading pages.

    How about the “Last Viewer” add-on for Firefox? It ensures that you’re the last viewer of each page you view by setting that site as a target for a Denial Of Service (DOS) attack? That would be a very unwelcome add-on.

  4. I have that last viewer add-on. Farewell, everybody!!

    How about the ‘file roulette’ add-on, which deletes a file from your hard drive each time you open a new page in Firefox. At random. Could be a photo, could be your dissertation.

    Gosh, it’s lucky I only have an evil mind, but no technical backup to implement these ideas…

  5. That made me laugh. A lot.

    How about the “Random CSS generator” add-on that randomly rewrites a handful of CSS rules on the fly for each website you visit.

    So sometimes the images would completely disappear, or take up 90% of the screen; at other times the text would be resized to 8px and coloured white.

    Or everything with an HTML class or ID could be styled to look like a link. It would be like the web page equivalent of that scene in The Thomas Crown Affair in the art gallery with everyone dressed in bowler hats.

    The possibilities are endless.

  6. How about an add on that mimics that takes a screen shot of whatever you are browsing and sends it to your IT Administrator or equivalent…

    I foresee many disciplinaries in the near future…

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