USB Twin Tape Deck

Double tape deck with USB cable

Long-time readers will remember my post about the PlusDeck 2, a 5.25″ cassette deck that you can install in a free CD/DVD slot on your PC. With it you could convert your cassette collection to CD or MP3* format (*other audio formats are available).

Well, someone has gone one better and created a USB Twin Tape Deck!

One of the weaknesses of the PlusDeck2 — other than the fact that it connects a cassette deck to your home computer, something that should have died along with the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 — was that you needed to plug it into free audio-out and mic-in sockets.

The USB Twin Tape Deck has got around this by being 100% USB. It is also 100% Twin Tape Deck. You could go as far as saying that it is 100% USB Twin Tape Deck. Now do you see how they came up with the name?


  • It is very silver, and very shiny
  • Plug ‘n’ Play USB – no drivers needed!
  • Dual cassette deck with full auto stop
  • Normal and high-speed dubbing
  • Dynamic noise reduction system
  • Metal and CrO2 tape selector
  • LED level and function indication
  • PC and Mac compatible

However, it won’t automatically recognise song breaks: you’ll still have to manually divide the tracks up from one giant audio track. And it doesn’t have auto-reverse.

Still, for £99.99 who could resist it?!

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5 thoughts on “USB Twin Tape Deck”

  1. Why a twin tape deck? Surely the point of a USB tape deck is either (a) to transfer music from tape to computer audio, or (b) to transfer computer audio to tape? The ability to do tape to tape is hardly required, and most folk who still use tapes regularly probably already have a double tape deck machine.

  2. I know — I did wonder what the point of a double decker was. Which makes this model all the more special … someone had the idea, put it to someone, got the funding and got it manufactured. Remarkable!

    I’d have thought that something the size of a Sony Walkman with a USB cable might have been a far better, more practical and cost-effective idea. I’d definitely buy something that size for around £25 – £35 max.

  3. Ideally it needs autoreverse, and also the feature to play tape A forward and reverse, then tape B forward and reverse. Then it would be possible to automate the complete capture of two successive cassettes. As it is this unit requires baby sitting in order to physically reverse the side of each cassette. Also this unit uses the freeware Audacity. Pioneer also produce a dual cassette deck CT-W208R with autoreverse and tape A then B feature. Unfortunately it insists on replying tape A and B no less than 15 times!!!! However with the a Griffin iMic and Audacity any repeats can be easily deleted.

  4. well, I for one am pleased to finally have found something like this –

    tons of tape packs from “back in the day ” found a local guy that can do it for £ 150 then I did some research and found you…(plus other s)

    bout time, thats all I have to say under a ton to get all my tapes sorted to mp3 hoooooray !!!!!

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