Finding out more about IVF

View of University Library from my office window
View of University Library from my office window

So there I was sitting at my desk staring through my office window towards the University Library, taking a break from redesigning SAULCAT (the University Library catalogue search pages), and wondering: how can I find out more about the whole IVF process?

And then like a moment of epiphany the answer presented itself to me. I looked around me. The answer was so simple it was staring me in the face.

I should phone Gordon, a friend of mine and former pathology lecturer from the University of St Andrews Bute medical school.

But he was out.

So I did the next obvious thing, and searched the university library catalogue.

Wouldn’t you know it, they had loads of books about IVF! They’re situated in the RG133 to RG135 classmark sections of the library on Level 4, in case you were wondering.

Tonight’s light reading includes:

  • The ethics of IVF by Anthony Dyson (RG135.D8)
  • Human Reproduction and IVF by Henry Leese (RG135.L4)
  • A Question of Life, The Warnock Report by Mary Warnock (RG135.W2)
  • The IVF revolution : the definitive guide to assisted reproductive techniques by Robert Winston (RG133.5W5)