Night driving

Cars at night

Conversation between Jane and me while driving home from Edinburgh on Saturday night. I was driving and feeling quite tired; Jane was in the passenger’s seat.

Gareth: How awake are you?
Jane: Not very, why?
Gareth: Don’t worry, I just wondered if you wanted to take over driving. I’m getting sleepy.
Jane: I could … it would probably help wake me up a bit.
Gareth: Yeah, cos that sounds safe! You’re alright there. I’ll be fine. I promise I won’t fall asleep.


Gareth: Could you sing me a lullaby?
Jane: Do you want to get us both killed?
Gareth: Is that really the first line of a lullaby? What kind of lullabies do you know?!

And then Jane did indeed sing me a lullaby that began with the line “Do you want to get us both killed?”. It was a really beautiful thing.

We got home safely just after 23:00.