Progress on Mum’s flat

Mum standing beside a bookcase
Mum standing next to one of her new pine bookcases.

Here’s what we got up to at Mum’s on Saturday. This is my to do list:

To do at Mum’s


  • Rudely awaken Jane at 08:00 – DONE
  • Poke Jane with pointed stick* – DONE

* I was quite inventive: I used the stylus from my O2 Xda Orbit.


  • Affix door stops – DONE

Living room

  • Put up clock – DONE
  • Fix chair – DONE
  • Check TV, DVD, VCR connections
  • Buy doormat


  • Mark location of shelves

Guest bedroom

  • Put up curtain rail & curtains – DONE
  • Buy 2 x tall bookcases at Argos – DONE
  • Build 2 x tall bookcases – DONE
  • Unpack boxes – DONE
  • Setup PC on desk

Mum’s bedroom

  • Affix wall hanging (need 2 x 1m poles) – DONE
  • Remove red trunk – DONE

Walk-in Cupboard

  • Buy shelves – OUT-OF-STOCK


  • Affix washing line – DONE

Not bad: got most things done.

Mum’s new flat is coming along nicely. The carpets and vinyl are down now, and the place is really beginning to look homely. She’s done marvels this week unpacking, with more than a little help from friends Dougie and Julie, and my sister Jenni. They’ve done sterling work.

We didn’t get as many cardboard boxes unpacked as we’d hoped, but we did buy Mum a couple of deep, wide bookcases which will allow her books to climb the walls … rather than her guests! 😉


A couple of annoying things about the new place:

  1. In the bathroom the shower was fitted with a rather cheap-looking shower mixer tap (the shower is fed from the boiler rather than an electric shower unit), which is almost impossible for Mum to switch on and off, it is so stiff. It has already been replaced with another one, which Mum can switch on but not off. Mum has arthritis in her hands; I don’t but still have trouble with it. It’s just bad quality.

  2. In the kitchen the waste pipe from the sink has been directed within the space for her dishwasher. The gap is 600 mm deep; her dishwasher is 600 mm deep; the waste pipe is about 90 mm deep. Surely it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that by removing 90 mm from a 600 mm space you are clearly not going to be able to install a dishwasher!!

    So at the moment her dishwasher sticks out … completely preventing access to one of her kitchen cupboards.

My Uncle Lewis, who owns and runs Brydon Home Improvement Services, came over on Friday night and we’ve come up with a snagging list of about 12 items, which also includes a dangerous fuse box, wrong light switches fitted (“… but we ran out!” is not an acceptable excuse in my book), unfinished tiling work in the kitchen, and a missing on/off power switch for the dishwasher.

A couple of weeks more, I reckon, and the house will be completely unpacked, fixed and Mum will be enjoying the benefits of her new smaller place. And then there is the garden to tackle … but, as they, that’s a whole new ballpark of worms.

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