Off to Selkirk again …

Bedroom filled with boxes

Off to Selkirk again for another overnight at Mum’s. Today was the day that Mum handed over the keys to her old house of 35 years. An emotional day.

We’ll be sleeping in the guest bedroom tonight (see photo above), amidst the boxes. Tomorrow’s task will be to reduce that pile of cartons to nothing, as we systematically unpack.

I’m looking forward to it, and to helping make Mum’s new flat feel more homely and hers.


Just to let you know, if you want to contact Mum: British Telecom weren’t able to connect Mum’s phone yesterday because the contractor still hasn’t had the flats connected to the public exchange. So in the meantime BT are going to redirect all calls to her home number to her mobile phone, for no additional charge.

It looks like it won’t be until mid-September that she gets her landline installed. But that, at least, gives us time to archaeologically remove the layers of boxes!

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