Who organises the rota?


While preparing my sermon this week I came across the following shocking statistic amongst various notes:

1,800 people leave the Church in the UK each week; that’s one every six minutes.

Sadly, in my notes I didn’t record the source of that statistic or the date for which this particular statistic was true. But in a sense that’s rather academic, the fact that at one point during the last five to ten years the estimated figure of people leaving the Christian Church in the UK was 1,800 per week is astounding.

1,800 per week. That’s just over 257 a day; a little over 10 an hour; a little under 6 every minute.

Now, given that this is the Church we’re talking about, presumably there’s a committee that manages all of this.

And a rota.

But as the lovely Jane pointed out: what happens if the person who organises the rota leaves, what then? Presumably nobody could leave after that.

Otherwise it would chaos. Imagine the phone calls trying to organise cover.

“Hello, erm … it’s my turn to leave the Church next week but I wondered if I could swap with you … oh? Oh, you’ve left already. Sorry I didn’t realise. Not to worry I’m sure I’ll find someone else.”

So, we just need to find that person who organises the rota, and nip this whole sorry thing in the bud.

Right, well that’s church decline sorted in one fell swoop. Next week Jane and I will be sorting out the problem of Church Unity.