Secret Asian Man comic strip

Secret Asian Man comic strip

Spotted in my newsletter:

Please welcome Tak Toyoshima, whose new strip, Secret Asian Man, is the first nationally syndicated comic strip featuring an Asian American as the lead character. The strip centers around Osamu “SAM” Takahashi—a struggling comic strip artist with dreams of hitting the big time—his wife Marie and son Shintaro. Through humour and wit, the strip tackles some of the unresolved issues regarding race, gender, and orientation. Secret Asian Man joined the and United Feature Syndicate family on July 16th, 2007.

It’s awfully good too. I think I’ll be reading that every day alongside Dilbert.

One thing that has just occurred to me, however, while trying to decide what alt attribute text to include for the cartoon above is that users who rely on alt attribute text (such as those who use screen-reader software or braille displays) completely miss out on the humour in these cartoons.

The alt text for today’s Dilbert cartoon, for example, says “Today’s Comic”. I even tried tapping ‘888’ but didn’t get any cartoon subtitles.

It looks like we’ve a long way to go before the Web is completely accessible.