My first iTunes iMix compilation

iMix screenshot from iTunes

This evening I compiled my first ever iMix: The Original Songs From The Mirror (link requires iTunes to be installed).

What is an iMix?

With iTunes and the iTunes Music Store, you can publish your music recommendations for friends and family anytime.

When you publish a playlist at the iTunes Music Store, it’s called an “iMix.” iMixes allow others to preview your favorite songs and purchase the ones they want. Creating your own iMix on the iTunes Music Store is as easy as clicking a button.

Creating an iMix

Creating my compilation was pretty straight-forward:

  1. Create a new playlist of tracks
  2. Go to File > Create an iMix …
  3. Add a few details
  4. Click Done
  5. Er …
  6. That’s it!

The Original Songs From The Mirror

Yesterday I was listening to Fish’s 1993 album Songs From The Mirror, a recording of some of the songs that inspired Mr Derek W. Dick as he was growing up and getting into this thing we call music. These were his songs from the mirror — we’ve all sung along to our favourite bands while miming into the mirror … haven’t we?

Well, my iMix compilation pulls together the original songs:

  1. Question by The Moody Blues
  2. Boston Tea Party by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
  3. Fearless by Pink Floyd
  4. Apeman by The Kinks
  5. Hold Your Heady Up by Argent
  6. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) by Genesis
  7. Solo by Sandy Denny
  8. Time and a Word by Yes
  9. The Seeker by The Who
  10. Jeepster by T. Rex
  11. Five Years by David Bowie

Update: I’ve now included Jeepster by T. Rex.

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4 thoughts on “My first iTunes iMix compilation”

  1. I compiled a tape (yes, tape, remember those?) of all those songs way back in 1993 (two years before you claim the album was released – I must have been psychic). It took me weeks to track down cds containing all those songs using Edinburgh City Libraries audio collections. And now you can do it on iTunes in a matter of seconds. Sigh. The things I wasted time on in my youth. A misspent childhood. Or possibly misplaced…

  2. … of course, your iMix contains ‘time and a word’ and ‘the seeker’ which weren’t on the 1993 release, only on the 1995 remaster… I wasn’t actually psychic enough to include those on my original tape…

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