The Singing Ringing Tree (1959)

In a conversation with a work colleague, Andy, the other week we got talking about our memories of childhood TV.

One of my favourite shows was Rubovia, a Gordon Murray production before the glory days of the Trumptonshire stories. One of Andy’s was The Singing Ringing Tree.

While I had recollections of the name, the images of the show didn’t come readily to mind. That was until I looked it up on YouTube.

And I have to admit, as a children’s TV show it had everything:

  • a princess
  • a man in a scary-looking, poorly-constructed bear suit
  • a dwarf who can freeze waterfalls
  • a weird, giant fish
  • a woman beating ice with a shoe
  • and a terrible English translation

It certainly puts Pokémon in its rightful place in the history of children’s TV! You’d never find Pikachu beating ice with any form of ladies’ footwear. I think that stands as a testimony to itself.

And they say that it was in the 60s that they started taking drugs!!! Proof, perhaps, that some were dabbling at the end of the previous decade.

6 thoughts on “The Singing Ringing Tree (1959)”

  1. Makes me feel quite stoned just watching it. Considering that it is utterly insane, bizarre, avant garde stuff, they have obviously spent a lot of money making the massive sets, money that may have been better spent on a more convincing bear costume…

  2. Laugh out loud to both comments.

    I absolutely agree Steve. That costume looks as though it was made as part of a Primary 5 class project.

    Imagine how Star Wars would have been if Chewbacca had looked like that!

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