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On Friday the blogosphere welcomed a new blog to its fold: Climate Change Scotland.

Started by the Rev Malcolm Rooney (a Church of Scotland minister of The Glens and Kirriemuir Old parish) and Eric Summers (Headteacher of Webster’s High School, Kirriemuir) the blog aims to promote awareness of, concern about, and action on climate change.

Churches and climate change

One interesting thing Malcolm drew attention to on Friday evening was how few of the mainline churches (certainly Presbyterian, Anglican, Roman Catholic and Methodist) have any reference to climate change on their website homepages.

For such a global hot topic just now (no pun intended) you would think that the churches would be leaping to address this issue, to show their relevance, and to offer something positive about helping to save and restore God’s creation. Are we not encouraged to be co-creators with God?

The Christian Church (of all denominations) has an ENORMOUS network of people across the planet, we could have this problem fixed in a couple of afternoons if we all put our minds to it. But instead we find that for many today, sadly, their energies will be focused on protesting about the nave altar being moved, or that the lectern was cleaned using the wrong polish, rather than realising that in a few years their beloved altar and lectern might be under 5 feet of water!

Anglican churches and climate change

Malcolm’s list ventured as far as the Church of England in his broad sweep of Anglicanism. So I did a little investigating myself. Here’s what I found on the homepages of the following churches:

However, while North America generally gets lambasted in the UK press for its head-in-the-sand attitude of climate change we surprisingly find this:

  • The Episcopal Church of the USA
    Under a heading called “Priorities”:, one of whose priorities is “to ensure environmental sustainability”.
  • The Anglican Church of Canada
    Link to EcoJustice, whose aim is “to coordinate the efforts of the Anglican Church of Canada in the areas of peace, justice, and ecology”.

Get involved

Do keep an eye on it folks, subscribe to the RSS feed, and contribute with your comments.

And Church members: tell your church leaders, get people interested in this critical issue, it affects us all.

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