A sledge?!

House with a for sale sign outside.

Today we were down in Selkirk again for a flying, less-than 24 hours, visit. We’re efficient like that.

During that time we took in visits to:

  • The Fireplace in Hawick (they sell fires)
  • a sawmill near St Boswells (they make and sell garden sheds)
  • Keith McLean’s carpet showroom in Selkirk
  • the civic amenities site (the dump!)

Just to bring you all up to speed: Mum’s house was on the market for a few weeks (offers over £170,000, in case you were wondering) but about a week ago Mum accepted an offer (of some money, in case you were wondering … plus a cow and a handful of magic beans). So Jane and I were down offering some advice on the whole moving house thing, what with us having done it twice last year.

Moving house is a stressful activity, and it’s been upsetting to see Mum so unsettled during these last few months, but the end appears to be within view and it was fun to accompany Mum today as we investigated gas fires, sheds and carpets for her new house.

Amidst all the upset, and worry, and uncertainty it’s conversations like this one that keep your spirits up:

Gareth: So … what will you actually keep in your shed?
Mum: Gardening tools.
Gareth: Fair enough.
Mum: Erm … plant pots.
Gareth: Okay.
Mum: A sledge.
Gareth: A sledge?!
Mum: My filing cabinet.
Gareth: … WHAT?!!

At one point during the conversation Mum’s topic flipped between a large cupboard and the shed, and for a second I had a vision of her opening the walk-in cupboard to find a shed, and inside the shed was a filing cabinet, and inside the filing cabinet was a Russian doll!

But I’ll conclude by asking the question again, because good questions are worth repeating: a sledge?!

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