The Lighthouse Bus

If you were from The Lighthouse Church and you started an outreach using a double decker bus then I imagine that you too would probably come to the conclusion that the best thing to call it would be … The Lighthouse Bus.

Before: a bus

The Lighthouse Bus

After: The Lighthouse Bus

The Lighthouse Bus

As well as The Lighthouse Bus website, there is also The Lighthouse Bus Blog.

My good friend Timmy is involved, hence the plug. The Lighthouse Bus Plug? Do buses have plugs?

Jane has a new job!

Jane laughing

Here’s some news that we’ve had to sit on for quite a few weeks, until all was finalised: Jane has a new job beginning in August working in Kirkcaldy for Aberlour Child Care Trust.

Jane’s new job will be as Service Manager for the Victoria Family Centre in Kirkcaldy, where she’ll be responsible for providing support for the staff, finding funding for the project, financial project management stuff … and other stuff. Probably.

The Victoria Family Centre:

provides pre-school child care and early learning for children from 6 weeks to 4 years, individual support to families, educational opportunities for parents, after-school groups and individual support for primary school aged children who are socially excluded. The centre also offers outreach support to families affected by parental drug misuse.

Jane’s certainly enjoyed her last four years working with The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and I know will miss that post. Maybe not the amount of travelling that she currently has to undertake, however.

I’m so proud of her getting this job.

Dream joke

A soufflé

I wrote a joke last night in my sleep. It was during a dream that I remembered quite vividly when I awoke.

The dream involved pirate ships, and a lot of swinging about on ropes, and pirates singing along to the song “I know what I like (in your wardrobe)” from the 1973 Genesis album Selling England by the Pound and a joke. This joke:

Someone (presumably a pirate) was taking about soufflés — a popular topic of conversation, I imagine, amongst brigands, pirates and privateers of the high seas. To which I replied:

I once played the part of a soufflé in a play — it was a demanding role but I rose to the challenge.

Not the world’s greatest joke, but certainly the best joke I’ve ever written in my sleep.

Infinite Solutions

This is one of my favourite series of videos on YouTube: Mark Erickson’s Infinite Solutions.

The videos are packed full of great tips, from how to recharge batteries using other batteries, how to de-fogg goggles to how to find small dinosaur remains. Good useful, everyday stuff.

Also check out his website: Mark’s Infinite Solutions and the videos from Fatal Farm. A work of genius, if ever there was one.


Lest there be any further confusion: the Infinite Solutions video tips are all for fun — don’t believe them, and please don’t go buying any electrical tape to stick batteries together, it could be potentially very dangerous.



Jane bought some tuna the other day.

She thought we were running low on tuna.

We weren’t.

We had six cans in the cupboard.

But she went online and ordered from Asda (not just tuna you understand).

And they had a special offer. A double special offer. John West were doing a six pack for the price of four cans — Asda went one better and were doing two-for-one.

We now have 18 cans of tuna!

Guess what I’m having on my sandwiches for lunch today?