Great friends in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Jane with Kenny and Chris in front of the Newcastle bridge
The lovely Jane with Kenny and Chris Fyfe on the Newcastle side of the banks of the River Tyne.

What’s better than having great friends is getting to visit great friends once in a while.

So yesterday (Friday), en route for my friend Jonny’s ordination in Hereford Jane and I stopped off in sunny Newcastle-upon-Tyne to visit our good friends Kenny and Chris. (You may remember Kenny and Chris from that photograph of them standing next to that fat priest last September!)

What great fun (in chronological order):

  • a tremendous, slowly-cooked lamb dinner
  • a couple of board games until midnight
  • much chat, and laughter, and catching up
  • a brief tour of the quayside in Newcastle and nearby Gateshead
  • walking across the Gateshead Millennium Bridge … and back
  • seeing a giant cat skeleton in the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, and getting told off for wanting to take a photograph

And then, all too soon, it was over, and we were driving down the A1 … A1(M) … M1 towards Hereford.

(This blog entry has been purposefully ante-dated, as I didn’t have my laptop with me when I was away.)