The Dark Side of the Shed

Richard painting the shed.

The weekend wasn’t a complete wash-out: we managed to paint the shed after all. The shed, and both sides of the fence. A task that took all afternoon.

Around midday — and two chapters into Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy — Rich and I realised that the sun was finally coming out, the shed’s walls were drying nicely and assuming that we could muster the strength and enthusiasm we could get the shed painted after all.

Fast-forward half-an-hour and we were listening to Planet Rock on my DAB radio, and enthusiastically slapping paint onto everything: the shed, the ground, our shoes, arms, hair … everything. It was going Cuprinallovertheplace!

I’d placed my radio inside the shed, partly to protect it (initially from rain, should it come, but eventually I realised from paint!) and partly to get the best sound. At one point, early on, I stood back and marvelled at what looked like the shed singing along to the Black Sabbath song “Changes”:

I’m going through changes
I’m going through changes

It was quite prophetic! As was the next track, from Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Shed” album.

A good job, well done. A fine lunch rustled up by the lovely, tennis-playing Jane. Good company from both Rich and Planet (is that Robert Plant?) Rock. All in all, a very enjoyable and relaxing weekend. Just what the doctor ordered.

Firefox beats IE on my blog

Google Analytics pie chart of browsers used

What joyous news!

I was just checking my Google Analytics results for this blog and discovered that there are more people using Mozilla Firefox than Microsoft Internet Explorer to view my blog.

For those who can’t quite read the results on the graph above, here is the list of top 10 browsers used to visit my blog during the last month:

Visitors’ browsers (15 May – 16 June 2007)
# Browser Visitors %
1 Firefox 2,930 51.22%
2 Internet Explorer 2,401 41.98%
3 Safari 289 5.05%
4 Opera 53 0.93%
5 Mozilla 23 0.4%
6 Netscape 8 0.14%
7 Konqueror 6 0.1%
8 Camino 4 0.07%
9 Mozilla Compatible 3 0.05%
10 Agent 000,gzip 2 0.03%

Google Analytics is a wonderful — and free — tool. If you run a website I urge you to check it out; all you need is a Google account. It shows you how people find your site, how they navigate through it and where they leap out when they do. All very useful stuff when trying to improve your website.

Anyway, thanks to the majority (51.22%) for using Firefox when viewing this site. And to the other 48.78% (apart from Mike using Konqueror and those Mac users with Safari or Camino) I urge you to give Firefox a go.