Sisters and brothers-in-law

On Friday night Jane and I drove down to Edinburgh — a journey made all the more adventurous for our brief detour through Inverkeithing to unsuccessfully avoid the worst of the Forth Road Bridge traffic — for our brother-in-law Paul’s 40th birthday ceilidh.

I love getting together with my family-in-law, especially when there’s an excuse to wear our kilts!

And there was another reason to celebrate that evening: I managed to get into my kilt again for the first time in about two years, such is the success of my exercise programme.

A couple of photos of sisters and brothers-in-law:

From left to right: Soo, Pauline and Jane — they’re sisters, can you tell?

The brothers-in-law: Paul, Gareth and Martin.

I was also able to get into my 1978 Scotland World Cup t-shirt for the first time in five years. I love that t-shirt, not just because of my memories of the 1978 World Cup but mostly because it makes me look as though I’m wearing a clerical dog-collar!

I think we just need to convince Martin to grow a beard! And I should really lose some more hair, I’m clearly letting the side down!

The 24 game, part 2

Remember the 24 game that Jane and I play while watching episodes of 24, and remember that Jane was the first to predict the exact times twice in a row? Well, we have a new game …

The new game

Don’t get us wrong, we’re still playing the old game, but the new game involves us trying to will our names to appear, spelled exactly right, during the opening credits to an episode of ’24’.

This evening, I’m delighted to report, Jane won. We had just started watching the episode between 09:00 – 10:00 am of Series 3, when the name “Jane Saunders” appeared on the screen:

Jane Saunders pointing to her name on the TV

Incredible! Our next ’24’ game will probably require our faces to appear somewhere on screen during an episode, or for our DNA to appear as part of the evidence in a case. I’m still hopeful that I can win …