Ride the lightning

Forked lightning
A photograph of lightning in Costesti

There was a lot of yawning going on in St Andrews today when I went out to buy birthday cards and sandwiches. I suspect that last night’s spectacular display of thunder and lightning had something to do with it.

Card shop

The lady who served me in the card shop told me that she could hardly sleep last night and had wished that the electrical storm had happened at a more sociable hour.

Meanwhile her colleague danced beside me (I kid you not) and kept asking me if I’d seen the new Comfort advert on TV. I told her that I hadn’t but I’d look out for it. “You’ve probably seen it already,” she said, “You just don’t realise it.” I’m not sure I watch enough television to have seen it, I think to myself.

“Can you tell it’s Friday?” asked the lady behind the counter, handing over my newly purchased clutch of cards. I told her that I could.


The lady who served me at Boots the Chemist got only a few hours sleep last night, and eventually got up at 05:00 this morning. She told me that, I don’t like stalk her or anything!

“Last night was the first night that I’ve ever seen forked lightning,” she told me excitedly. I also discovered that she sleeps in the attic. I hope she’s not a prisoner or anything.


I, on the other hand, was only awake for about an hour last night during which I marvelled at the room lighting up every few seconds, and counted myself to sleep waiting for the thunder, only to be jolted alert again by its roaring arrival.

The cats (Spot and Smudge), on the other hand, both slept soundly on the bed throughout the rumbles and crashes in the skies above the house. Only to leap out of their skins and flee the bedroom when one of us sneezed!