Sunday cover during the summer

St Paul's Monaco

Jane received a telephone call for me at home on Friday afternoon, which she passed on to me instantaneously using the wonders of Windows Live Messenger. I called him back straight away.

The call was from a friend of mine in Edinburgh: a retired priest looking for help to cover a couple of Sundays during the summer … at St Paul’s, Monte Carlo, in Monaco. Flights and accommodation are covered, seemingly.

After a weekend of deliberating and pouring over our diaries, today I called him back and said yes — of course! What an incredible opportunity.

I find out on Thursday what it all involves. Apart from an exciting adventure.

The Lighthouse Bus

If you were from The Lighthouse Church and you started an outreach using a double decker bus then I imagine that you too would probably come to the conclusion that the best thing to call it would be … The Lighthouse Bus.

Before: a bus

The Lighthouse Bus

After: The Lighthouse Bus

The Lighthouse Bus

As well as The Lighthouse Bus website, there is also The Lighthouse Bus Blog.

My good friend Timmy is involved, hence the plug. The Lighthouse Bus Plug? Do buses have plugs?