Infinite Solutions

This is one of my favourite series of videos on YouTube: Mark Erickson’s Infinite Solutions.

The videos are packed full of great tips, from how to recharge batteries using other batteries, how to de-fogg goggles to how to find small dinosaur remains. Good useful, everyday stuff.

Also check out his website: Mark’s Infinite Solutions and the videos from Fatal Farm. A work of genius, if ever there was one.


Lest there be any further confusion: the Infinite Solutions video tips are all for fun — don’t believe them, and please don’t go buying any electrical tape to stick batteries together, it could be potentially very dangerous.



Jane bought some tuna the other day.

She thought we were running low on tuna.

We weren’t.

We had six cans in the cupboard.

But she went online and ordered from Asda (not just tuna you understand).

And they had a special offer. A double special offer. John West were doing a six pack for the price of four cans — Asda went one better and were doing two-for-one.

We now have 18 cans of tuna!

Guess what I’m having on my sandwiches for lunch today?